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評論 (17):

Oh Yeah! 4 years ago
Collin Simpson has the loveliest cock.
Sarah 4 years ago
Collin is a sex god! Too bad he came in her mouth. I loved it when I saw him do a creampie once. It was so hot! I could watch him fuck for hours. The way he moves omg I would cum like 4 times if guys fucked like that!
4 years ago
I just wish he would have went a bit rougher... perfection
Brittany 2 years ago
Wow. He is everything I find attractive in a man. I wouldn’t want him to use a condom or pull out. He would make beautiful babies.
Ralf 4 years ago
Good girl
Precious 3 years ago
Wish collin fuck me too ️️️ want to take you home ️️️
4 years ago
God I want me some Latina pussy. There are two girls at work that I want but I don’t know how to get with them.
3 years ago
Can you just fuck me now god your so hot man
3 years ago
Breh she literally has no neck , turn off asf
sex rani 4 years ago
Wow I like you